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Ranhil Foreign Manpower Agency is a recognized and licensed employment agency with the Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign Employment under registration number LL NO 3320. We recruit and provide workers for all types of foreign jobs. A group of young and seasoned business owners with extensive knowledge and exposure in the area of overseas recruiting founded it in 2000. It has been known as a market leader in Sri Lanka in the areas of international employment and tickets. The deal is then signed with international principals in Romania, Oman, and Middle Eastern Asia. Ranhil Foreign Manpower Agency’s major line of business is providing and acquiring professional, technical, skilled, and unskilled labor for foreign principals.

To guarantee that the correct talent is found in accordance with the needs of our clients, Ranhil Manpower Agency has devoted expert teams, each of which is specialized in a distinct area. Each team has a knowledgeable consultant leading it. We find individuals for our multinational clientele, the majority of whom are based in the Middle East, Europe, Switzerland, and Romania.

We work with our clients to help them become high-performance establishments by thoroughly researching the trends in the labor market across various regions. Every recruitment effort is unique in our eyes.

When we look back on our 23-year journey, our company has helped many job seekers land their dream positions and raise their level of living by giving them lucrative chances abroad.

Throughout East Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, we provide options for overseas recruitment. Presently, Romania, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Malta, Singapore, Kuwait, Malaysia, Maldives, Switzerland, and several other countries are with us for you to explore.

Our Vision

Our mission at Ranhil Foreign Manpower Agency is to offer clients, accurate, and effective overseas recruitment services. In order to provide our clients, the finest experience possible, we are dedicated to supplying a wide variety of countries and occupations up to date

Our Mission

Our vision of Ranhil Foreign Manpower Agency is to position itself at the top of foreign employment agencies in Sri Lanka by offering prompt, accurate, and reliable services. expertly, precisely, and efficiently
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Dines Nawarathna

Executive Director

Manoj Perera

General Manager

K. Gunarathne

Director Business Promotion

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